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Jessica Grogan- Vassar Alum ’97- The Happy-ish Marriage - Lecture 11/15/18 7:00pm Taylor Hall 203

Thursday, November 15th


Taylor Hall 203

Jessica Grogan, Vassar alum and author of Encountering America: Humanistic Psychology, Sixties Culture, and the Shaping of the Modern Self, will speak on current and historical problems with marriage and marriage counseling in America. Based on her research and practice as a couples therapist, Grogan will explore themes of expressive individualism as a relationship goal, the danger of adopting default cultural definitions of "happy marriage," and the difficulty of working with culturally-entrenched problems in a personal context. 

Also, please contact Jannette Swanson to learn more about the career chat Jessica is doing midday before the lecture!

Sponsored by American Studies, Cognitive Science Department, Psychology Department, the Career Development Office and the Office of Alumnae/i Engagement.